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Mantra Zime

Soul Healing Mantra

MANTRA ZIME - the newest addition to SHIFU ZIME. She transmits the ZIME Teaching and Technique through a Mantra that she sings in duet with Enrico, a student of the senior group.

All this started last year during the ZIME immersion Retreat, when France, a student of the advanced group, improvised the chorus of the ZIME Technique. Highly inspired by summer 2020, SHIFU requested Enrico to write a tune that would accompany the chorus. However, they did not limit themselves to the refrain. Both came together and joined their melodic voices to compose this Mantra, a condensed version of ZIME Teaching.

According to ZIME Teaching, a Mantra is composed of words carefully chosen to guide every living being towards the path of his Soul. Listening attentively to your Soul instead of your mind to experience the healing sensation that comes with it.

A modern and deep meditation technique based on awareness, internalization, perception, visualization and spiritual insight, ZIME Technique helps us reconnect to our Soul. It is our inner source, our true Self, our vital energy, our hidden treasure.

Access ZIME Teaching and Technique by participating in an Immersion-Retreat in October and November. An online version of the Technique will be available for those who cannot travel.


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